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Meet Meggan

Meggan Kiel is passionate about Memphis’s future. She has planted deep roots in the community and has branched out to create connections across the city.  Meggan will bring energy and vision to confront our challenges and create opportunities for us to move Memphis forward together.

Candidate Meggan Kiel greets District 5 residents at an event.
Meggan Kiel and family canvass District 5.

Meggan is a MEMPHIAN.

Born and raised in Memphis, Meggan returned in 2005 to raise her own family with her husband Daniel, also a native Memphian. Meggan’s family's roots go back several generations in Memphis. She is an alumna of St. Mary’s Episcopal School and a life-long member of Temple Israel and has served on both the St. Mary’s Alumnae Board and her congregation’s Board of Trustees. Meggan is also an active board member of MIFA, Playback Memphis, & Facing History and Ourselves, and has worked with organizations across the community. Meggan is committed to Memphis's future.

Meggan is an EDUCATOR.

After graduating from Duke University and working in the national office of the education nonprofit Facing History and Ourselves, Meggan participated in the inaugural cohort of the Boston Teacher Residency and received her Masters of Education at University of Massachusetts. She has taught elementary school and has served as a post-secondary guidance counselor for high school students at both REACH Memphis and The Soulsville Charter School and maintains relationships with many of her former students years later.  Meggan understands the potential our youth can bring to Memphis when they have opportunities to see a bright future.

Meggan is an ADVOCATE.

Meggan is relentless in ensuring opportunities for all Memphians.  As the founding director of the College and Alumni Support Team at the Soulsville Charter School, she connected young people to summer growth experiences and helped her students imagine and execute on plans after graduation. When students encountered roadblocks, Meggan ensured that they would not be kept from opportunities, and with Meggan’s leadership, every student in the school’s first graduating classes was accepted to college and had an opportunity to start their next chapter, an accomplishment the school has continued to this day.  Meggan is ready to advocate on behalf of her neighbors, her community, her district, her city, and YOU.

Meggan is an CONNECTOR.

As one of MICAH (Memphis Interfaith Coalition for Action and Hope)’s founding leaders, Meggan worked to build a coalition of congregations and organizations to amplify issues of importance to our community. In 2017, Meggan helped bring together the founding 40 organizations that created MICAH. MICAH then hired Meggan as its first organizer, where she has trained leaders, built teams, and guided issue-based campaigns. Meggan’s diverse network of relationships from all corners of Memphis makes her uniquely situated to bring people together to solve the challenges our city must face.

Meggan is a MOM.

Meggan and her husband Daniel have two wonderful teenagers, Sadie and Ben, who are the grounding force in everything Meggan does. Meggan served on the PTO of East High School, spends any free time she has ferrying kids to soccer practice or theater auditions, and has the same hopes and concerns about her children’s future as every other parent. She wants to ensure Memphis is stronger, safer, and better tomorrow than it is today, so that younger generations will always want to make it their home, the way Meggan and Daniel have made it theirs.

 Meggan is for MEMPHIS.

Moving Memphis Forward. 

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